10 reasons why you should be using QuickBooks

1. Because many of simple bookkeeping tasks are handled automatically making it easier to run your business, you save time on bookkeeping and paperwork.
2. You can easily create the reports with the information you need, so you always know where your business stands. You immediately know whether you're making money and whether your business is healthy.
3. You save money because QuickBooks is so affordable. You can use it to run a $5 million or a $25 million business for a few hundred bucks.
4. QuickBooks will help you design a business plan to use when attempting to secure a small business loan or line of credit or to plan for the future. QuickBooks will create a projected balance profit, sheet and loss statement and statement of cash flows in the format encouraged by the U.S. Small Business Administration.
5. QuickBooks is specifically designed to be adaptable and flexible to a broad range of small businesses. To broaden its appeal, QuickBooks has recently added customized accounting packages for Contractors, Retailers, Health Care Professionals, and Non-Profit organizations.
6. You can rest assured knowing that QuickBooks is a stable, proven and reliable product. Hundreds of thousands of small businesses throughout the world have chosen QuickBooks as their accounting software.
7. You preserve typing time and errors by exchanging data between QuickBooks and over 100 business applications. You can even share data with popular programs, such as Microsoft Excel, Word, Outlook and ACT.
8. You will get paid faster with QuickBooks online payments. E-mail an invoice or statement and with QuickBooks Online Billing, your customer can easily pay you with a credit card or bank account transfer.
9. With QuickBooks Merchant Account Service, you can accept credit cards with ease. QuickBooks Merchant Account Service is the only credit card acceptance service integrated with QuickBooks software, which means you don't have to enter the same data twice. Your customers can use Visa, MasterCard, or American Express
10. Setup your current bank account in QuickBooks, and you're ready to pay your bills without licking envelopes, sticking stamps, or printing paper checks. Just write checks in QuickBooks as you normally would, then click a button and your participating bank does the rest! Online Banking also lets you download your monthly statement from your participating bank directly into QuickBooks for easier reconciliation.

QuickBooks Setup

QuickBooks is developed for anybusiness person or assistant to understand the preliminary setup and setup need to be done properly in order for future information to be accurate.

All information required to setup manual accounting records is input into QuickBooks on your desktop. If you change from manual accounting operations to QuickBooks in the middle of the year, this job becomes can become more complicated.

Quickbooks will need to know basic information from you.

For Example:
  • Which accounting technique do you utilize?
  • What Chart of Accounts do you require for your service?
  • How do you wantto begin with starting balances?

Lowcountry Accounting Services will be able to quickly respond to these questions and finish the preliminary Setup and Installation in a prompt and efficient manner.

Your accounting staffwill get training on the accounting software application to boost their efficiency.

What Does it Cost To Work With Us Utilizing Quickbooks ?

We will need to learn a little bit more about your company and your accounting records prior to a proper estimate.

Lowcountry Accounting Services feels confident you will be happy with our service and pricingsince we work with a lot of small company owners and our rates have been created to fit the working budget of our clientele.

Similar to any accounting software application setup, program and training takes some time.The time saved after implementing Quickbooks often is well worth the money in terms of time and efficiency.

Here is a list of the services Lowcountry Accounting Services supplies throughout your QuickBooks setup:
  • Study and assess your software application and accounting requirements.
  • Recommend software application and hardware requirements.
  • Install software application, style and established chart of accounts and whole accounting plan consisting of payroll, balance due, stock and accounts payable.
  • Determination of your QuickBooks beginning date.
  • Loading your Chart of Accounts and balances since that specific beginning date.
  • Preparation of a list of the products that you offer to your clients. This list consists of services, stock parts, non-inventory parts, other charges and sales taxes. Entering your exceptional receivables and accounts payable information since your beginning date.
  • Entering your ending declaration bank balances and impressive checks & deposits in transit since your beginning date.
  • Printing a trial balance since your beginning date and comparing it to your trial balance from your old system.
  • Entering your deals considering that your beginning dates into QuickBooks.
  • Train customer or customer personnel in usage of software application to satisfy their management, tax and accounting requirements.
Continuous Services:

- Follow up training to make sure the client is "on the right track.”

- Monthly, yearly or quarterly evaluation of customer QuickBooks information to help in tax preparation and management reports.

QuickBooks Training

Once QuickBooks is set-up and working properly, Lowcountry Accounting Services can train you or your employees to properly operate QuickBooks specifically for your business.

Why choose one-on-one attention instead of taking a class?
  • We come to your location.
  • We focus on the individual issues facing your business.
  • We will be there to answer your specific questions and concerns.
  • No need to spend time on features that don't impact your business!
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